All buyers of services written in NEOTAMA.COM site must read and agree to all terms and conditions of purchase of service.

Advertisers are not allowed to advertise pornography , gambling , threatening another party, illegal or pirated goods. Therefore, before being shown, the ad will be reviewed by the NEOTAMA.COM, long review process 1-2 days.

Once the ad is approved, the advertiser will contact NEOTAMA.COM to make payments.

Payments for purchase of services through a paypal account.

Advertisers who have made the payment, immediately contact the NEOTAMA.COM, so that ads can be displayed immediately.

How to contact the NEOTAMA.COM could use the email or contact on live chat are available.

After the time the contract is up, auto ads will not be displayed.

Funds that have been transferred to the purchase of services written in NEOTAMA.COM can not be returned, because the funds that are transferred will be used directly for the services ordered.

All forms of losses incurred by the buyer is not the responsibility NEOTAMA.COM services, such as : internet access fees, electricity bills, damage to software or computer hardware, and others.

NEOTAMA.COM will refund the buyer's money if the system service NEOTAMA.COM total damage caused as : natural disasters, and other disasters.

All forms of abuse of the service by another party on behalf NEOTAMA.COM is not the responsibility of NEOTAMA.COM.

It is strictly forbidden to copy, store, distribute and modify the contents of part or whole without written permission NEOTAMA.COM site to the NEOTAMA.COM.

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